MMP – F.A.Q.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q./ Is the cenacle primarily for priests?

A./ No. In Message #34 (1-17-1974), Our Lady introduces this question, “Why do I want them to come together in cenacles with me?” In this message she addresses herself to the priests, but what she tells them is also applicable to the laity. She wants all her children – priests, religious, laity, families, children – to gather together with her in cenacles of prayer, to pray with her and to learn how to love one another. Also, the cenacle helps us to deepen our understanding and live the obligations we have undertaken through our consecration to her Immaculate Heart. We refer you to the message dated November 1, 1973, “My Faithful Cohort.” (#25)

Q./ Is it a requirement to say more than five decades at every cenacle?

A./ No, simply five decades are required. Of course, if those gathered want to recite more, that is certainly acceptable; however, we must always be sensitive to the needs of others in the cenacle. Not all are capable or have the stamina to pray all of the mysteries at once, especially the elderly, the sick and the very young, If the cenacle lasts for several hours or even an entire day, then the recitation of the rosary may be interspersed at different intervals throughout the day.
The rosary
must never be replaced by other prayers. Our Lady tells us that this is her prayer par excellence and the weapon that she gives her children to fight great approaching battles. (#34kl)

Q./ How often and where should the cenacle be held?

A./ In every cencale, Our Blessed Mother gradually transforms us into perfect images of her Son, Jesus. Therefor, the more often we meet in cenacle, the more we allow our Blessed Mother to work in and through us. Very few cenacles have the opportunity to meet daily. Generally, cenacles for the laity meet weekly. Priests are encouraged to gather at least once a month, even though they may attend a weekly cenacle with the laity.
The majority of cenacles meet in the homes. If possible, it is desirable to hold the cenacle in a church thus making it accessible to the entire parish community.

N.B. Permission to use the parish facilities must be obtained from the pastor.