FREE Cenacle Pamphlet Download

On this page, we wish to provide your Cenacle prayer group(s) with a guide.  The pamphlet is called, ‘CENACLES OF THE MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS’ (Religious and Laity).

This is an official step-by-step guide which helps each individual in a prayer group to follow the cenacle prayer from start to finish. It includes; an invitation to prayer, the structure of the cenacle prayer, how to begin, the Act of Consecration and addresses for the Marian Movement of Priests in U.S.A. and Canada.

The pamphlet is in PDF format which can be read and printed by using any PDF viewer like Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader.

To download the pamphlet, right click the link below and save it to your computer. Then open it in your PDF viewer.

LINK > Cenacles of the MMP pamphlet.
*Note: This pamphlet must be printed on legal sized paper – 81/2″ x 14″

If you experience problems with downloading the pamphlet, you can email us and we will send the PDF file to you through email. Our email is